May 25, 2023 Read

What is Betrayal?
To betray is to disappoint the one that puts his trust in you by not being faithful to him. By leading him astray or by not doing what is agreed upon or by doing the opposite after the other person has done his part or by delivering him to the enemy. Whether it is willful or not it is betrayal to go against the one that loves you, who puts his trust in you, and has done much good to you. To fail to be with him or to desert him at the time he needs you.

Most of the things that we do, or the position we take in a matter or the things we say are direct betrayal of Jesus. Those who killed the prophets, including the man Jesus, some thought they were getting rid of bad people. Others did it of their own interest (John. 2:15-17). Those who betray Jesus are not people who are ignorant of Him. They are those with him but are not with Him (Matt. 25:31-46). They knew Him, but do not give up themselves for Him as He did for them. Some confess they believe in Him, but are against Him as enemies and agents of the devil. Sin is the transgression of the law of God, disobedience, rebellion, and betrayal of trust for God and for Jesus Christ.

God called you into a covenant with Him and you agreed. He did it to make you be committed to Him. Our covenant with Him is an agreement to be one with Him, to live together and to do service to Him, and it is sealed and perfected with blood. Blood covenant means one blood, one life, one family and one people. To forget every wrong that is done and be one. God gave the blood of His only begotten son for the covenant, and you heard and agreed and when it is time for you to give up your life for Him, you say you cannot. The blood of His son Jesus, His life and everything about Him, the abundance of his inheritance, His name, power and might is for your enthronement as son of God. And when it is time for you to enter your sonship position you are nowhere to be found. Some have His blood and atonement in their spirit but are confessing in hypocrisy by refusing to accept the life of Jesus, which is the life of His family and kingdom, thereby making Christ of none effect.

1. It was a redemption work God did to save them from sin, from condemnation, from hell and the lake of fire, from their sicknesses, diseases, sorrow and want:
Salvation is for one to be in His family and be safe and do service to Him. But they only want to be healed but not the life of the union.

They were to denounce the old man that is indeed a prisoner of Satan. To leave the old self, the old sinful life, to take the life of Jesus and live in it as their own so that they can stand for Him everywhere and tell others to come into the family. It was thought you will leap for joy and praise Him and be happy to be with Him for His praise. But when He looks at where He kept you, you are not there. You are for your private business, personal gain, personal interest, and not for the union. God is faithful and just and daily He is on His throne doing everything for the family, overseeing, supervising, caring, providing, defending, and answering the prayers of millions of people every second. Only Him working, but you are on your own, yet you always come to Him demanding and expecting to get everything from Him. You don’t even think about His people or visit them.

2. He saved you to walk in His stead, to walk in His own love and kindness as a model of Him for others to follow and come to His presence:
Many say they are representing Him but when others come to them, they see a thief, extortioner, fornicator, idolater, a striker of hands and a threat to them. You are a murderer, and even do it in the name of God. All those who hate without a cause are murderers (Matt. 5:21-23, 1 John 3:15). And when you preach telling people and your children “repent” they say it is easy to repent because we shall repent like you. So, through you devil is drying up millions of people.

3. For three times Jesus repeatedly asked Peter “do you love me,” then he said feed my sheep (John 21:15-17):
a. To betray Him is to abandon Him for your course.

b. He says if you confess me, I will confess you before my father which is in Heaven. But if you deny me, I will also deny you before my father in Heaven (Matt. 10:32-33).

c. His atonement blood has not only covered you, but it is in you. And God says go and confess my life to the people that are lost and bring them to me. Then He gave you an office. But all the messages, testimonies and information for the sinners and people are locked up in your mind. You refuse to speak out through your lips and conduct for others to hear or see. Rather you are with the harlot or fornicator but after you have finished, you still preach and say please repent. You know they will repent like you. And this type of repentance is spreading like fire. How can you stop it?

4. Even in your business God says we are one, am with you. Because he is faithful and just:
a. But you are not faithful to Him. You take all the profits and income and everything including all the honour and praises that come to the business. You have pushed Him aside.

b. You also follow those who say tithe is abolished so you have nothing for Him.

c. When you even give to Him anything, it is the things you do not need or want.

d. When you give Him money, you do it sparingly the way it will not affect you.

5. The Christian who is a sinner has done worse that those who killed Him. Heb. 6:6 says you have crucified Him afresh and put Him to an open shame:
a. Those who hold the truth in unrighteousness are His enemies that shall not be renewed but to give them reprobate minds so that they will be revealed to be destroyed (John 3:19-21, Act. 7:51-53, Rom. 8:38-39, Matt. 24:26, Rom. 1:18).

b. You are lightened to be children of light (Titus 1:16). It is better you do not know Him than you know Him, and you betray Him (Heb. 10:38, Eph. 5:8-12).

c. The unfaithful steward was condemned without mercy (Luke 16:8-9, Luke 12:47).
d. We are called, strictly to follow Jesus’ steps, and obedience, trust and love of the Father and the brethren.

e. We are unprofitable if we do not preach the gospel or add anything to its success. We have chosen to be alone on our own. So our unfaithfulness is an act of betrayal to Him.

6. God sent His only begotten son to the earth to save us because He trusted Him, that when we see Him, we shall believe in Him:
a. He knew Jesus was obedient to Him, that whatever He said was final to Him.
b. Jesus believed in the father because He is faithful and just. So when the Father told Him if he dies for us he will live again He believed. And He died to please the father for our sake His children.
c. Grace is to follow His steps to do to others what He did to us.

7. Ignorance Is not an excuse.
a. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus because he was sense ruled. His hope was earthly positions, money, wealth, and future pleasure, so he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

b. Christ told them when my kingdom is established you will sit with me on my throne and reign with me and judge the twelve tribes of Israel.

c. So, when Christ dipped the bread in the wine and put it in his mouth, and said whatever you want to do, do it quickly, he thought he had been given the approval to ignite war that will enthrone Jesus, because even the whole Roman Empire may not withstand Jesus. Perhaps he thought he could be the minister of finance. He could not see the act of betrayal as sin because he was a thief.

d. When he saw that Christ did not fight but died in weakness, he went and hanged himself.

e. We betray Him every day because we do not know Him. We are sense ruled, thinking only of earthly benefits, so we refuse to carry our cross but the expectation of wealth, riches, defence and protection.