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Devil Worship

The natural man is spiritually in union with the devil. read more...

The Perfect Man

The perfect law of creation made man as perfect as God Himself read more...

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Who is Jesus?
An indept Teaching on the person of Jesus, by Awudese Azibalua.

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Christianity is changing and the extent is so alarming lets reason together. Join the Teacher, Awudese Azibalua every saturday on Wave FM between 9am and 10am.

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Body sanctification
Revellation Knowledge
Devine Healing Part 1
Devine Healing Part 2
Finished Work of Christ
Holy Spirit Part 1

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How Satan Rules the World Episode 1

Knowing the Master Jesus EPISODE 2

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Gospel Deliverance Mission - The Church

GOSPEL DELIVERANCE MISSION is not a church or denomination in the conventional sense as we have it in the world. The church of Christ otherwise known as the BODY OF CHRIST is a spiritual thing, a corporate body of recreated spirits transformed to the image of Christ with divine life Manifesting in their fleshly bodies (Heb. 12:22-23)... Read more...